#FANTASTICALLY NIGERIAN: How we took a stand and created a mini movement in the process.

I want to share the story of what happened to me last week and how things happen in the world when you decided to take a stand and speak out.

Its old news now that Prime Minister David Cameron shared his private views with Her Majesty The Queen and a few other people.


The uproar was huge, I like many felt outraged even though what he said may have some truth to it. However, we all know that just because a family over decades have unfortunate things happen to them, perpetrated by a few, doesn’t make the family that thing. Just because there are priest who have abused trust and taken advantage of the weak, doesn’t make the denomination the transgression of the priest.

It’s interesting though how quiet we become when the people, we are keen to please overstep the mark. Does the silence of people we’d expect to speak mean:

1)      We were resigned to been thrashed and don’t see the value of a debate or dialogue with those who hold an opposing view

2)      We are keen to be maintain the societal privilege that we receive from those whose words do such violence to our image and story

Whatever the case I Oluwalomueleyiwa Adebayo Olarewaju decided my job wasn’t to attack, abuse or disrespect anyone that I disagree with, but to celebrate my “Nigeriannes”. For years in school I endured the abuse of a few who called me a F_ _ K_ _ G African so many times, left bananas on my desk (which I would eat).

The violence was so painful, I was eager to be someone else I would have happily accepted the Psychological Wage that becoming “the other” and pretending I wasn’t African would have offered. However I woke up!, so I tell everyone my full name, I wear my Ankara scarfs proudly!, I sing, I make a record called “eko Ile” (Lagos My Home) and I start #FANTASTICALLYNIGERIAN


In 4 hours it was the trending topic on twitter in Nigeria, days later thousands of tweets, Facebook groups set up etc. I’m glad technology allows us to tell our story. So here’s my song GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAINS OVER THE SEAS AND EVERYWHERE…..”